it’s getting incredibly difficult to keep track of the numbers as we move forward. maybe i should do a recalculation and reverse it to days i have left.*inserts unwilling face*

current days are mostly spent catching up on whatever i’ve missed in a bid to not fail another paper (as well as the reexam). times like this makes me wonder why i make some of the decisions i made. (did i just use 3 different forms of make?!) e.g. going to Maastricht JUST for a bbq 3 days before my paper then.
behaving like how a proper student should, and not a traveller perpetually on a holiday, for a week more is sure harder than it seems. 
so much so i took out an old pair of scissors, totally not meant for what was performed subsequently, and snipped off a good 2~3 inches off my head while reading my notes halfway..

gotta admit it was rather therapeutic. haha

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124: fastforwarding

i dont know how bloggers do it. having to remember tiny details of what happened in their lives and jot it down in chronological order; because i seem to lose track of everything just after a month. 

so a month later since i’ve last written, i partially failed one of my mods, gained a few kilos and have so much admin stuff to handle.
honestly, all these are far less than ideal. but omg, i don’t really want exchange to end ):

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